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A FREE online grief support and counseling program for Forest Lake clients, to be conducted by the country’s foremost grief, loss, and transitions coach, Cathy Babao.

A BETTER DAY grief support will help you find your way into a new normal, a new day, and a new way to live out life after your loss. Grieving people need support, guidance, and a safe space to process what you are going through. The main goal of our five monthly meetings will be to help the griever find their own Healing Path and to help you develop resilience (responding positively in the middle of negative circumstances) that will lead you to better days.
The first session will be on Saturday, March 11 at 4PM.
Register for the Online Program

Register for the Program to receive the link to the program and to get a chance to win exciting Wellness Gifts for you or Flower and Candle offerings at your departed loved ones resting place.

Speaker Profile

Cathy Babao Grieg Counselor
Cathy Babao Grieg Counselor


Ms. Cathy Babao

Cathy S. Babao is a grief, loss, and transitions coach. She graduated with a BS in Business Management at the Ateneo de Manila University, and a Masters in Family Psychology and Education from Miriam College. Cathy has trained with Dr. Alan Wolfelt at the Center for Loss and Transitions in Fort Collins, Colorado. Cathy has received specialized training in the Grief Recovery Method and has attended workshops on Complicated Grief at Columbia University. She holds private practice and is an author of four books, two of them on grief.

Ms. Cathy’s #FocusPoint during our first online session will be Every Loss Has Its Own Story. She will talk about about our losses, and our reactions to them. She will also introduce how to better the phases of grief and the different myths surrounding grief that hamper our moving forward.

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