Real Estate Investment Guidelines

If you are looking for the best investment in the Philippines, you might be thinking of buying shares in the stock market, start a small business, invest in a house and lot and even on mutual funds. These investment options can give you an additional income stream. All these assets focus on living comfortably in the future. But did you know that there is a promising future on death investments?

Most people will not talk about death or dying until it happens to them or one of their family members. They will not even think about investing on memorial lots and life insurances.

Advantages of Buying Memorial Lots

– When it comes to earning a passive income on the best investment in the Philippines, memorial lots may not be the first to come in mind. This is an aspect of the real estate investment that is not a great attraction because of its morbid nature.

– Memorial lots are still considered pieces of property worth investing because their value increases in a matter of time. It may help you earn or save you money in the future. There are many advantages to buying graves now, and you should consider getting one. Here’s why:

– Cemetery plots are often more affordable compared to other types of real estate investments. They are smaller pieces of land and maintenance, and security is less of a concern.

– Your property will not be occupied or seized by others since burials will need preparations and permits. Investing in graves can yield significant returns in a not so far future. There is an estimated 8% rise in its value every year.

– There is always somebody who wants to purchase a memorial lot.
It gives you and your family security when someone in the family may pass away suddenly. The family can have a place for burial immediately.

Purchasing a memorial lot can prevent conflict between family members on who’s spending for the lot and burial expenses.

How to choose the right memorial lots?

When choosing which memorial lot is the best investment in the Philippines, location is the most crucial factor to consider. The dead can’t appreciate great views, but it can entice the living. Trees, well-maintained grass, fountains and other natural features may affect the cost of graves. Such elements can increase the value of the memorial plots.

If you are living in General Santos City, Forest Lake is the preferred memorial park with the most interred remains since the 70s. It is conveniently located along the national highway accessible to private and public vehicles.

Forest Lake Memorial Lot Investment

Buying a piece of traditional land is a wise investment, but it can be costly, especially if you are still starting in your career. Cemeteries are an excellent alternative option for people who are new to investing.

Although the business of death is not exactly perceived as a positive way of earning money, you can rest easy in the thought that you are investing not only for yourself but also for your family – so they won’t have to worry about the costs of funeral services and interment expenses when the need arises. You can also take advantage of its rising value yearly so that when someone is willing to buy the lot from you, you have gained a considerable amount of profit over the years.

Death comes to everyone at some point in their lives. Your permanent place on earth will be valuable not only as your final resting but also for your family members to remember you by.

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