#CreatingBetterDays webinar series is back!

We are inviting you to our financial wellness webinar, The FUNDamentals of #CreatingBetterDays with Edric Mendoza, a Registered Financial Planner next Saturday, November 7, 2020. The webinar aims to boost awareness of the importance of financial wellness and financial planning. This will be a Zoom Webinar to be hosted and moderated by Ms. Danie Laurel.

Forest Lake is a staunch advocate of preparing for the inevitable: death. However, aside from preparing for it emotionally and spiritually, one should also do so financially. One way to do this is by normalizing discussions about death and not shying away from death-fueled conversations while preparing for certain contingencies, such as investing in memorial lots as early as possible. Unfortunately, talk of death in the Philippines is still taboo. But fear of death should not hinder you from getting your affairs in order and being responsible for your future.

Remember, today is the opportunity to build the tomorrow you want so join us in learning how to be prepared for the inevitable and give you essential principles on why it is important to be ready. Indeed, death is not something you should fear but prepare for. One key takeaway from the pandemic is how critical end-of-life planning is.

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