We buy land that meets our requirements! Contact us if you have a property that is:

  • A minimum of 8 hectares
  • Located near city centers
  • Free from Lien / Encumbrances
  • We also consider EXISTING MEMORIAL PARKS

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    Why Sell Your Property to Forest Lake

    Forest Lake is a promising memorial park developer in the Philippines, consistently adding to its portfolio of lucrative memorial parks in the country. 

    Here are the reasons you should sell your property to us, so we can start developing it into a memorial park.

    1. The property market in the Philippines is thriving. As such, it currently provides solid opportunities to earn decent returns on your property, especially one that sits idle for the longest time. 
    2. The financial climate in the Philippines is inviting. While you may not consider or anticipate selling your property soon, selling it can actually strengthen your financial position.
    3. Additional funds can help achieve investment goals. In diversifying your investment portfolio, you need to eliminate non-performing investments while adding more value-generating investments.

    If there is no more value left to add to your property, it is high time to consider selling it. Other investors or property developers will have good use of such property in such a way that it will enhance how a community appears.